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Kamishibai workshops for education and play.

Kamishibai is a well-known teaching aid in schools in Japan and America. It offers an holistic and integrated approach to learning through stories and is ideal for mixed groups as there are many tasks and roles to take during the whole process, including: drama, visual art, creative writing and story adaptation, reading, oral storytelling and public speaking.

Art and Story Workshop 

I tell a story or we make a new story. The group develop their art work and story. Kamishibai uses cards that have the image on one side and writing on the other. They present their version of the story.

Participants are able to use my custom made bicycle, or make their own simple, cardboard theatres.

The story cards become a re-usable teaching or performance resource that can be added to over time.

Make a Tiny Theatre Workshop

Using small boxes to make a working tiny box theatre. Add new pictures before telling your story. 

Take it home to tell your story again.

This experiential learning approach encourages:

  • improved comprehension and enjoyment of stories
  • building individual confidence and team working skills
  • language development and engagement with literature
  • speaking, listening and writing skills
  • emotional intelligence through working with themes of the story

Kamishibai is a fantastic way to explore stories in a teaching or workshop situation by combining visual image with written word, the potential for solo and group spoken performance, with the addition of music and songs too. It can be used with traditional oral storytelling and story making as well as drama, visual art and creative writing for all age groups.

Watch a short film about teaching through kamishibai here