Out of doors

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I lead place-specific, story based workshops and projects. Often partnering with heritage, environmental and education organisations I work with performance, spoken and written word, visual and digital media.

Outdoor Education

Stories are great connectors with the natural world, wherever you are, and storytellers are so portable! I regularly use the wonder of storytelling and story making to focus on specific habitats, themes, stories or the general enjoyment of being outside.  An experienced creative outdoor educator, I’m an advocate for learning outside the classroom as well as working outside with families and older people.

Community Projects

 I aim to enliven a place and it’s community through creative interpretation of their stories, and seek to inspire new creative responses with people. Working across a community, perhaps across the generations, I’m passionate about finding new ways of expressing local stories, whether from daily life, history, reminiscence, folklore or special geographical features. 

Heritage Projects

I have a working knowledge of local history and anecdote, particularly from Devon; devising place related stories and workshops has given me a good grounding. My work with mixed-race families led me to research the black and hidden histories of the West-Country.

Health and Well-being

As a country girl who has lived in a rural area all my adult life, I know, first hand, the multi-layered benefits of spending time outside. Whether that’s slowing down in nature, getting outside of four walls and a ceiling to explore, or finding activities, creative or otherwise, to do. I’m interested in deepening people’s connection with where they live and improving quality their of life through being out of doors.