Role Play Actor

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I have worked consistently as a role play actor throughout the UK for over fifteen years and am regularly contracted by five national agencies to support the development of communication and inter-personal skills in: health and medical, educational, business and service industry environments. 

I’m comfortable in a wide range of scenarios and experienced at changing the level of challenge to suit the context and the participant. Roles typically require giving feedback and I’m confident using various feedback and coaching models in order to support the development of the participant. Typically I work in small groups, with a peer observer or facilitate using the Forum Theatre model. 

I have acted in real-time filmed scenarios with a staged series of events for multi-disciplinary NHS teams and fire service managers. I am used to being filmed and am a regular actor for Just 90 TV; who make information films.

I work in high-pressure exam or recruitment conditions where timing, consistency, team-work and reliability are key. On many occasions I have been asked to be the lead actor who liaises with staff, actors and role-play organisations to ensure smooth running of their programme. 

The role play scenarios and situations I work with vary from medical students to University heads of faculty, business managers or specialist nurses. The connector in my working life is communication skills and developing people to which I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a supportive and conscientious approach that combines warmth, empathy and clarity with context appropriate levels of challenge. Please ask for my role-play C.V. if you would like to know more.

I know the students really appreciate a safe environment to practice and the actress helps with this. Sara has done a great job. We had further positive feedback from the last session. ‘Actress was superb and gave useful feedback.’ ‘Best ‘role-play’ session so far at PCMD!’ Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry. Fifth year medical student.

Sara is always very focused and disciplined in her approach to work. She is a valuable asset to our team and is one of the first people I will ask to work with us. Emma Brown, Leadership Coach in Education.