Story Making

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I love the fact that stories are everywhere and people have imagination enough to find them. Local history, stories of place, community and environment fascinate me. These stories, whether fact, fiction or folklore, become the starting point for my workshops and help to give new stories a good launch pad.

My favourite location for Story Making workshops is outside. I work in and out of classrooms, in museums, libraries and heritage centres, with environmental, arts, education and community organisations, care homes and…….well, anywhere really!  

This information about Story Making is similar to a Storytelling workshop, where we work with a traditional, rather than a newly made, story.

Creative Literacy

I take a creative approach to developing language, literacy, expression and confidence. This means that I draw from a range of tried and tested activities to approach and explore the expression of  ideas through story and language, using:

What we make

New stories can produce many different outcomes and each workshop is unique. This is more work for me than an ‘off the shelf’ approach since each place and group have their own special requirements.

I guide story makers towards a number of outcomes:

  • oral storytelling and poetry: live performance, audio, film, animation.
  • written word: story, poem, book, magazine, postcard, newspaper, blog.
  • drama: story inspired performance or play, including prop making, withy construction or shadow puppets for example.

I’ve produced small scale indoor and outdoor storytelling and drama performances (processions is a side line….) A performance can be a rehearsed public performance or an intimate sharing of work in progress.

I am proficient at graphic design and have edited and produced books, newspapers, postcards and the like. Working with the Blazing Tales artists, or on other collaborative arts projects, has given me a wealth of experience in integrating story, text and performance with other art forms and productions.

Links to past projects

Giants in the Forest. Here’s a link to film about a large story making schools project I co-ordinated and delivered with North Devon Nature Improvement Area over two years.

Wembury Story MakersLandscape story making project with South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Click on Wembury Story Makers and then click on the interactive map for films, pictures and more. The Shipwrecked Boy is their final story.

New Riddles. Inspired by traditional riddles this young people’s project was with Exeter University and Devon art in schools initiative.

You can read some testimonials here.

Bye-Bye Bob

I have one strict rule – please don’t call your fictitious character Bob without giving me a pretty good reason. He turns up everywhere!