Workshop Ideas

Please talk to me about your idea, or see if any of these suggestions for tried and tested workshops are inspiring. These storytelling workshops can focus on traditional folk tales and/or making new stories or other creative outcomes.

Whether for: 

  • Expressive Arts
  • Literacy
  • History
  • PSHE
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • just because you can!

Kamishibai  – Isabella visits your school, tells stories and you interpret the story through illustration and creative writing. Some of you tell the story using Isabella’s Story Cycle or make your own kamishibai theatre.

My Place – Discover more about where you live and find new ways of creatively interpreting it.

Devon History - Creative interpretation of ‘my place’, local history and folklore.

Dartmoor - Find out about the moor through it’s stories; the people, history and environment.

Creation Myths – Be inspired by stories from around the world and then make your own up. Can be combined with Storygami.

Storygami - Storytelling, origami, maths, world cultures. 

Animals, Trees and the environment - Explore environmental themes through the eyes of stories.

Apples and Orchards – Learn about your orchard and it’s fruits through story, folk-lore and activities that remind us of the place of the orchard in community life.

Food and farmingA sensational, taste experience where stories can open the door to better understanding healthy eating, food production, food relationships and farming.

The Celts – Participate in the oral tradition and understand more about the celtic world and way of thinking. 

Mixed-heritage children and young people - Creatively exploring and reflecting on identity. 

Africa – I have spent time working on community projects in West and East Africa. Through story, music, photos and objects I can deliver insightful workshops, or help to put you in touch with an appropriate workshop leader.

Cultural Geography – Stories hold immense cultural information and provide an ideal access point for finding out more.

Science – I currently offer two science workshops. Light and Dark. Botany and storytelling.

Environmental Science – Rivers and the water cycle.